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Welcome to my web site. This site presents memorumdom and photography regarding my trip to overseas countries and covers from 1985 up to date. Please enjoy exploring my site. Thank you.

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Days gone by, Lusaka, Zambia

lusaka_smallI lived in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia (former Northern Rhodesia) is rich greenery city. Jacaranda, Flamboyant, bougainvillea, etc. are abundantly seen. Victoria Falls, one of three largest falls in the world, is located in Livingston on Zambezi River where is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Rich wildlife is also seen in several national parks. e.g. South Luangwa. Copper belt, Kitwe, Ndola, Chingola, etc., are centre of mining industry, Solwezi, Chipata, etc., are other remarkable towns. Neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, etc., where I visited are also shown. (Aug.1986-Aug.1988)

Zanzibar, Mombassa, Lamu Island- East coast of Africa

East coast of Africa is characterized by Arabic inferences, for instance, Dar-es-Salam, Zanzibar Island, Mombassa, Malindi, Lamu Island with the blue sea and tropical flowers with vivid primary colour are notable places on the coast. I traveled to the coast from Zambia which is land locked country and to see towns with Islamic culture laid along the Indian Coast. (Feb-Mar. 1988)

The Great Historical City, Damascus, Syria

damascus_smallDamascus is so called the oldest city in the world that people have been inhabiting, and is well known in the Christian Bible. Besides Damascus, there are various kinds of places which are related to ancient history, Phoenician, Roman, Christianity, etc., and it is easy to visit them such as Lattakia, Maaloula, Saydnaya, Palmyra, Ugarit, etc.(1994-2004)

Central America, Panama and Costa rica

Panama is represented by the Panama Canal which was reverted to Panama from USA in December 31, 1999 under the agreement between Torrijos and Carter. Besides the Canal, there are abundant natural tourism resources in Pacific and Caribbean coasts such as Las Perlas, San Blas, Bocas del Tro, etc., in addition to Spanish historical aspects.(1994-95)

Peque, Costa RicaCosta Rica where I worked is famous country with rich tropical rain forest. Eco-tourism is well known and rich flora and fauna are next door e.g. Osa and Nicoya peninsulas. In addition, there are various surfing points which attract surfers from the world. Peque who was a dog lives at same apartment of mine and it was cute and turned on his charm every day. (2000)

Asian Cities, Chaos and Active People!

Hanoi, Vietnam The words chaos and active are suitable for Bangkok's nature. The British colonial city, Calcutta, is like a city which has stopped time. Another active cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are rapid growing in economy, and historical cities, e.g. Da Nang, Fue, Hoi An, etc. are attractive in tourism. Hong Kong was reverted to China from UK in 1997. It is financial centre in Asia distinct. (1990' and 2000')

Crossroad of the silk road, Uzbekistan

tashikent, uzbekistan A economic centre of Central Asia might be Tashkent where was strategic point of the Silk Road and abundant historical heritages are seen, e.g. the city called Blue City is represented by blue tiles finishes in Samarkand. Another historical town called Khiva is also major attraction site. While serious environmental problems caused by heavy irrigation activities are existed near the Aral Sea and its basin. (1996)

Eastern Europe, in transition period

sighisoara, RomaniaIn 1985, I traveled to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. After a few years, communism regime was collapsed, then USSR and Eastern European countries entered to the market economy system. Middle of 1990's, I had chances to visit in Bulgaria and Romania where I could not travel at that time. I was impressed by children who I met them one Sunday morning on the way to a church on the hill in Shigisoara, Romania, which is designated as the world historical heritage. Their nonchalant faces seems to be unaware of economic depression in Romania at that time and they were full of hope.


アレグザンダー・ネフスキー寺院 ソフィアSofia, capital city of Bulgaria, located in the foot of Balkan Peninsula, which has 1.45 million population, and had been influenced by Ottoman Turkey for several centuries. So that Bulgarian Orthodox and Islamic Mosque are seen in Sofia. Rila's Monastery is famous in Bulgarian Orthodox. Roman theater is seen in some places e.g. Plovdiv. Bourgas where is located on the coast of Black Sea is centre of beach resort. (1992, 1996-97)


central bank of romaniaBucharest was called as a little Paris in the past. Even now various kinds of historical buildings remain in the Centre. Transylvania had been influenced by Germany and Hungary since middle century, and beautiful towns remain such as Shigisoara, Sibiu, Medias, etc. (1998-99)

Prague, Prague, Praha

Prague, CzechI visited in Prague in 1985 when it was communism regime. After 15 years, I visited Prague again when it was in transition period. The city itself has not been changed while the contrast of people's expression was completely different. Both visits, I stayed on the Charles Bridges for a while when the sun goes down, it was unforgettable scene and time. (1985, 2000)


Zum Warsaw, Poland As well as Prague, I visited Warsaw in 1985 and 2000 and I felt similar impressions to Warsaw. Many new things were seen; Metro Line 1 was opened late 1990's, the decoration of Zum department store was dramatically changed, it was easy to buy railway ticket, etc. I can not imagine that I spent more than half day to buy a train ticked to Krakow from Warsaw in 1985 due to complicated procedure. (1985, 2000)


Budapest, it was August 1985 and national holiday of the constitution memorial day when I arrived in Budapest by railway from Vienna. Laser beam pageant was shown from a bridge near by my accommodation which was university dormitory. Following day, it was hot summer day and I stopped over at central market to explore. I bought a water melon and brought it to the Danube riverside. It was a nice break to solve my thirstiness. After words, I visited there in 1993 and 1997.

Western Europe

Besides these eastern European countries I also love european cities such as London, Paris, Vienna, Milan, Franlkfurt, Zermatte, Veneziaetc

To Moscow from Yokohama via the Trans-Siberian Railway(1985)

レーニン廟 モスクワ1985Moscow in USSR Era, just right after Gorbachov got power, it was end of June 1985, I embarked on a ship to Nhahodka and got on Far Eastern Railway, then changed the train to Moscow by the Trans-Siberian Railway. I stopped over at Irkutsuk, then traveled to Listvyanka which is a small village in Bikal Lake side. Then I got on the railway to Moscow. I visited Kiev and Leningrad after Moscow, then I went to Finland by train. It was unforgettable trip for me.

Other 1985 sites; Finland, Strusburg, Vienna, etc.

The first overseas travel, it was European cities

In February of 1983, I entered to UK at Heathrow as the first foreign country for me. I traveled European continent from London to Rome for a month by train. (1983)

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Right:Vegetable shop by boat
Left:Sun rise in Lusaka
Stone town in Zanzibar


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